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1. ObamaCare and Jonathan Gruber

“Gruber-Gate,” as some called it, exposed the lies that have propped up ObamaCare since the start. Jonathan Gruber, a MIT economist, boasted on multiple occasions of how he fooled and tricked the “stupid” American voter regarding ObamaCare’s purpose and true costs. A key architect of ObamaCare, Gruber’s comments enraged America and showed how lies were told in order to pass a law that no one likes.

Lois Lerner

2. IRS targeting scandal

At first, it was just a renegade IRS office in Cincinatti, Ohio. Then, crucial e-mails were somehow lost and not backed up. But, more and more evidence piled up of how the IRS specifically suppressed and targeted conservative groups before the 2012 presidential election. Lois Lerner was in charge of the practices, but has lawyered up and the liberal media has tried to bury this story. The IRS said such evidence was lost, which violates their operating procedures, but the disputed e-mails have re-emerged and could further solidify the argument that Lerner singled out conservatives before the 2012 election.


3. Benghazi

Liberals rejoiced when a House Intelligence report said that the Obama administration acted in the right manner to deal with the events surrounding the terrorist attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. But, what they left out was how other committee members were not allowed to contribute to the report, and it goes against eyewitness testimonies from witnesses who were in the consulate on that fateful and tragic day.


4. Ferguson and police racism/brutality

The liberal media hyped police brutality and wanton murder of black males, leaving out crucial bits of information. In Ferguson, Missouri, a grand jury decided a white police officer was not guilty for unlawfully shooting and killing a young black male named Michael Brown. Riots ensued and businesses were destroyed. But, hardly anyone reported how Brown assaulted the police officer prior to being shot and killed. Unfortunately, this race-baiting narrative furthered by the likes of Al Sharpton, which eventually led a lone gunman to execute two New York City police officers.


5. Iraq war is over

The Iraq war was supposed to be over after American troops withdrew from the country. But, it left a power vacuum that has devastated the country. It has been filled by the radical Islamist terrorist group known as the Islamic State, IS, ISIS or ISIL. Now, Obama touts ending the Afghanistan war, but makes no mention of increasing American troops in Iraq.

sabrina erdely

6. Rolling Stones’ campus rape hoax

A major controversy erupted when a male fraternity was accused to encouraging a gang rape on the campus of the University of Virginia by Rolling Stones writer Sabrina Erdely. It seemingly reaffirmed the liberal narrative of rape culture on college campuses. But, as others dove into the story to investigate, the story fell apart. Sources were not contacted in the original story, and the accuser did not have her story corroborated by others. It has been retracted and the publisher, The Rolling Stone, has been publicly criticized and ridiculed due to their shoddy journalism.


7. Russia Reset

The Obama White House kept telling Americans and their allies that Russia can be a reliable friend of the West. His famous “Russia reset” quickly disappeared after Russia invaded Crimea and eastern Ukraine, showing that Obama’s weak foreign policy was an utter and complete disaster. The narrative of a friendlier, pro-West Russia quickly disappeared as pro-Russian rebels shot down a civilian passenger jet in eastern Ukraine.

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