Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media joined this week with Media Research Center and more than 20 other conservative leaders in support of religious freedom and our Constitutionally protected right to free speech. The coalition, Citizens Against Religious Bigotry (CARB), was formed to respond to the Chick-fil-A controversy, “which exposed the rampant anti-Christian bias and First Amendment double standard characteristic of liberal media.”

AIM chairman Don Irvine said, “The point about this whole controversy that I find so amusing and ironic is how President Obama’s publicly stated position on gay marriage has for years, until very recently, mirrored that of Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy. But now that he has flip-flopped again on this issue, and at least verbally supports gay marriage, the media believe the time is ripe for piling on not only Chick-fil-A, but the whole Judeo-Christian belief in traditional marriage.”

You can read the full statement and the comments by the other leaders here.

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