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jonathan gruber

Jonathan Gruber is the 2014’s “Liar of the Year” because of his boasting of fooling the “stupid” American voter to get ObamaCare passed. Thanks to the work of Rich Weinstein, we have multiple videos of Gruber boasting of his lies about ObamaCare (which became known as “Gruber-Gate”).

The political heat got so bad that Gruber agreed to appear and testify before the House Oversight Committee.

President Barack Obama tried to distance himself from Gruber’s comments, saying he had barely heard about it while at a G-20 summit. But, some years earlier, Obama said he had “stolen ideas” from Gruber in crafting ObamaCare.

But, in the end, Jonathan Gruber is 2014’s “Liar of the Year” for his lies about ObamaCare and hiding the true costs to the American people.

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