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2 VA Officials Stole $400,000, Defended by Top VA Official

Figures, government officials [1] defending each other.

A high-ranking Department of Veterans Affairs official on Tuesday defended the VA’s failure to discipline two employees accused of misconduct, and blamed the outrage over their lenient treatment [2] on “considerable external pressure” by the media and Congress to punish personnel who may not have done anything wrong.

Sloan Gibson, deputy VA secretary, praised a judge’s recent decision to stop the demotions of Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves, two VA officials accused of together stealing more than $400,000 in benefits from the government.

The allegations against Graves and Rubens came in a September 2015 inspector general report, which found the two officials had created job openings for themselves in far-away cities and gamed a VA program meant to pay the moving expenses of agency employees.

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