Accuracy in Media

In the spirit of Christmas, there are multiple ways to celebrate. For the U.S. government, it’s to continue to waste taxpayer dollars. Some of the most wasteful spending examples are:

“NASA spent $237,205 to study how rainfall affects the red crab’s annual migration to Christmas Island. Merry Crab Christmas!”

“Medicare Part B paid $132.9 million for the same medical supplies for cancer treatment that Medicare Part D paid $22 million to receive. How generous to pay six times for the same supplies!”

“The United States Postal Service lost or cannot confirm receiving 37 trailers from a leasing company. The United States Postal Service eventually purchased the titles of the missing trailers, which cost the postal service $287,000 for trailers that remain missing. Did anybody check in the garage?”

The Daily Signal’s complete list can be viewed here.

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