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Here are the ten most egregiously biased and dumb questions from the CNBC moderators Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, and John Harwood (transcript via Washington Post):

  1. “What is your biggest weakness and what are you doing to address it?” (Quintanilla to all candidates)
  2. “Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?” (Harwood to Trump)
  3. A statement, not a question: “I talked to economic advisers who have served presidents of both parties. They said that you have as chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would of flying away from that podium by flapping your arms.” (Harwood to Trump)
  4. “So what analysis got you to the point where you think this will work?” (Quick to Dr. Carson)
  5. “You want to bring 70,000 pages to three? Is that using really small type? Is that using really small type?” (Quintanilla to Fiorina)
  6. “So when the Sun-Sentinel says Rubio should resign, not rip us off, when they say Floridians sent you to Washington to do a job, when they say you act like you hate your job, do you?” (Quintanilla to Rubio)
  7. “Well, do you hate your job?” (Quintanilla to Rubio)
  8. “Does your opposition to it show that you’re not the kind of problem-solver American voters want?” (Quintanilla to Cruz)
  9. “In terms of all of that, it raises the question whether you have the maturity and wisdom to lead this $17 trillion economy. What do you say?” (Quick to Rubio)
  10. “Why would you serve on a company whose policies seem to run counter to your views on homosexuality?” (Quintanilla to Dr. Carson)

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