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Warren Fires Back at Trump, but Media Doesn’t Ask If ‘Pocahontas’ Story is True

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) spoke at the National Congress of American Indians in Washington, D.C., in an unscheduled speech. There, Warren used the opportunity to criticize President Donald Trump’s claims that she used a fake Native American identity to get a professorship and tenure at Harvard University and called her Pocahontas on social media. The […]

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Farrakhan-Ellison Dinner in 2015 Largely Ignored by Media

Conservative and right-leaning media have reported on the 2015 dinner between Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and several Democratic politicians, including current DNC vice chairman Keith Ellison. Ellison declared in his 2006 congressional race that he would split with the controversial leader, but this revelation alleges that he is cozy […]

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Media Fawns Over North Korean Dictator’s Sister

The media gushed and fawned over the public appearance of North Korean government official Kim Yo Jong, who is the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. She has attended this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea and the media lauded her presence. However, the media overlooked the North Korean government’s human rights […]

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Media Mostly Ignores Uranium One News About Informant’s Claims

A former undercover FBI agent told Congress that the Obama administration glanced over the evidence he was building against the Uranium One deal, which involved the Hillary Clinton-led State Department approving the sale of uranium to Ukraine and pro-Russian companies. The informant told Congress that he built contacts with Russian officials, who expected that a […]

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NY Times Columnist to Help Search for New Planned Parenthood President

New York Times columnist Anna Quindlen, a former board member of the pro-abortion organization Planned Parenthood, has been tasked to help find a new president for the organization. Planned Parenthood’s current leader, Cecile Richards, announced she will step down from her position this year. The replacement search is ongoing, and Quindlen, who writes at the Times, […]

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February 2018

2/15/2018 - Warren Fires Back at Trump, but Media Doesn’t Ask If ‘Pocahontas’ Story is True

2/15/2018 - Farrakhan-Ellison Dinner in 2015 Largely Ignored by Media

2/14/2018 - Media Fawns Over North Korean Dictator’s Sister

2/14/2018 - Trump’s Daughter-in-Law Hospitalized After Receiving Suspicious Envelope

2/14/2018 - CNN Pounces on Omarosa’s Claim VP Pence Was ‘Scary’

2/14/2018 - After Criticizing VP, Olympic Ice Skater Tells Media He’s Not Focusing on Pence

2/12/2018 - Media Ignores NYC Officials Passing on All Federal Immigrant Retainer Requests

2/12/2018 - CNN Gushes Over North Korean Dictator’s Sister at the Winter Olympics

2/9/2018 - Media Mostly Ignores Uranium One News About Informant’s Claims

2/9/2018 - NY Times Columnist to Help Search for New Planned Parenthood President

2/8/2018 - Media Won’t Admit Senate Budget Deal Signifies Potential Win for Trump

2/8/2018 - Media Correctly Reports Nancy Pelosi’s Speech Wasn’t a Filibuster

2/7/2018 - MSNBC Anchor Criticized for Belittling $1,000 Bonuses

2/7/2018 - Media Dances Around Immigration Status of Drunk Driver Who Killed NFL Player

2/6/2018 - Survey: Americans in ‘Fragile’ Neighborhoods Feel Less Safe Than They Did in October

2/6/2018 - Obama Press Sec Backtracks Claim Obama Didn’t Tout Stock Market Success

2/6/2018 - CNN: Trump’s ‘Treasonous’ Remark Contradicts Call for Bipartisanship

2/5/2018 - CNN Goes All-In on Trump’s ‘Unrelenting War’ on the NFL

2/5/2018 - Even Dana Milbank is Unhappy with Democrats’ Behavior During State of the Union

2/5/2018 - Media Quotes Obama’s CIA Director’s Criticism of GOP Politician, Memo

2/5/2018 - Suppressed Obama-Farrakhan Photo Could Have Ended Obama Presidency Before It Started

2/2/2018 - Media Criticizes Trump’s Claim about State of the Union TV Ratings

2/2/2018 - Media Highlights ‘Luxury’ Resort for GOP Retreat, Omits the Same Word in Describing House Democrat’s Retreat

2/1/2018 - NBC News Claims Trump ‘Sowed Divisions’ in State of the Union Speech

2/1/2018 - ABC News: ‘Trump Offers Nothing New’ in State of the Union Speech

January 2018

1/31/2018 - Media Avoids Clinton’s Statement on 2008 Staffer Harassment Allegations

1/31/2018 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Laments Partisanship, Forgets Own Partisan Remarks

1/31/2018 - More Fake News About Ivanka: Chef Claims He Was Booted from Restaurant

1/29/2018 - CNN Blames Trump for Asian Leaders Cracking Down on the Press

1/29/2018 - Tax Reform Keeps Working: 130+ Companies Have Announced Benefits for Their Workers after GOP Law Passed

1/29/2018 - Oops: Hannity Reverses Stance on Report Trump Wanted to Fire Mueller

1/29/2018 - Better Late than Never? Clinton Staffers Admit She Shielded Aide who Allegedly Harassed Female Staffer

1/29/2018 - ESPN’s Jemele Hill Leaves SportsCenter Host Gig

1/26/2018 - Media Ignores Pelosi’s Reaffirmation that Tax Reform Bonuses are ‘Crumbs’

1/26/2018 - AP Headline Mentions Las Vegas Shooting in Gun Show Headline

1/25/2018 - CNN Analysis Concludes FBI’s Alleged ‘Secret Society’ is a ‘Conspiracy’

1/25/2018 - Axios Claims No One Knows What White House Immigration Demands Are

1/24/2018 - Media Covers NFL’s Rejection of Veterans Group Ad on Standing for the National Anthem

1/23/2018 - Lester Holt Visits North Korean Ski Resort, Says They’re ‘Treated with Respect’

1/23/2018 - CNN Correctly Stated Democrats Lost the Government Shutdown Political Standoff

1/23/2018 - NBC News: Trump is ‘Missing in Action’ During Government Shutdown

1/22/2018 - Media Covers March for Life Thanks to Trump’s Speech to Rally Participants

1/22/2018 - NPR Host Apologized for ‘So-Called’ Remark Referring to March for Life Rally

1/22/2018 - CNN Covered Women’s March More than March for Life

1/22/2018 - CNN: Trump ‘Irrelevant’ in Shutdown Talks Despite Meeting with Democratic Party Leader

1/22/2018 - Democrat Claims People Would Die Due to Government Shutdown, Votes for It Anyway

1/22/2018 - NY Times, Associated Press Blame Democrats for Government Shutdown

1/19/2018 - Conservative Media Only Outlets to Cite MLK Jr.’s Niece’s Defense of President Trump against Outcry over Allegedly Racist Comment

1/18/2018 - WaPo Fact Checker: Democrat Claire McCaskill Gets 2 Pinocchios for Tax Bill Claims

1/18/2018 - CNN Praises Hollywood Movie on the Washington Post’s Pentagon Papers Story

1/18/2018 - CNN’s Cillizza Didn’t Fact-Check Flake’s Comparison of Trump to Stalin

1/16/2018 - CNN Column Cites Disputed Trump Comment to Criticize Trump’s MLK Jr. Statement

1/16/2018 - NBC Producer Misreports Reason Behind Diplomat’s Resignation

1/16/2018 - Durbin’s Claim About Trump’s Language on Immigration Isn’t His First to Cast Doubt

1/15/2018 - Remember This? Major Media Websites Ignored Poll where 60 Percent of NFL Fans Disapprove of League’s Handling of Anthem Protests

1/14/2018 - Van Jones, Rep. John Lewis Accuse Trump of Racism

1/14/2018 - Anonymous NFL Owner Blasts President Trump for Allegedly Dividing Fans over Anthem Protests

1/12/2018 - Democrat Nancy Pelosi: Tax Reform-Related Bonuses are ‘Insignificant’

1/12/2018 - As Countries Imprison Journalists, Committee Accuses Trump of Undermining Press Freedom

1/11/2018 - Democrat Struggles to Criticize Tax Reform Law Results

1/11/2018 - NY Times Columnist: Anti-Trump Movement ‘Seems to be Getting Dumber’

1/10/2018 - CNN: Border Wall is a ‘Gift to the Drug Cartels’

1/9/2018 - CNN Analyst: Trump Should Continue to Feed His Cable TV Addiction

1/9/2018 - CNN Commentator Takes Issue With Santorum in Discussion of Trump’s TV Time

1/9/2018 - Oprah Winfrey 2020? Columnist Revisits Controversies Surrounding TV Personality

1/9/2018 - NBC Reporter Katy Tur Tells ‘Fire and Fury’ Author His Book ‘Feels True’

1/8/2018 - NY Times: ‘Fire and Fury’ is Full of Inaccuracies, But Underlying Message is Believable

1/8/2018 - Freedom Partners Revives Democrats’ False Claims about Tax Reform

1/5/2018 - 100+ Companies Giving Bonuses Thanks to GOP Tax Reform

1/5/2018 - CNN Laments Lack of Heating in Baltimore Schools, Avoids Blaming School Admins, Unions

1/5/2018 - The Atlantic’s Prediction Companies Would Not Give Raises Thanks to GOP Tax Reform Falls Flat

1/4/2018 - HuffPo Blogger Claims GOP Senator Was ‘Prop’ at GOP Tax Reform Event

1/4/2018 - Washington Post May Have Omitted Past Investigations by Fusion GPS Firm

1/3/2018 - GOP Sen. Collins Unhappy with Alleged Sexist Criticism of Her Tax Reform Vote

1/3/2018 - GOP Sen. McConnell: I Care What WSJ Says, Not the NY Times Editorial Board

1/3/2018 - MSNBC Host Compared Trump to Acting Like Mussolini, Franco and Hitler

1/2/2018 - NBC Makes List of ‘Strongmen’ Leaders Trump has ‘Befriended’

1/2/2018 - CNN Criticizes Trump’s ‘Visceral’ Tweets, Defends Obama’s ‘Caution’

1/2/2018 - NBC News: ‘Trump Welcomes New Year With Lavish Party at Private Club’

December 2017

12/29/2017 - Outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake Continues to Criticize President Trump

12/29/2017 - CNN: ‘Trump-naming frenzy’ in Israel after US Embassy Move Announced

12/29/2017 - CBS News Found Families who would Benefit from the New Tax Law

12/29/2017 - Workers Benefit from GOP Tax Law as Companies Announce Bonuses, Wage Increases

12/29/2017 - Media Points Out Trump Lags Behind Other Presidents on Signing Bills into Law

12/29/2017 - 2017’s Most Popular On Target Blogs: Media Ignoring Hillary Clinton’s Book Tour Fees Tops the List

12/27/2017 - USA Today: Tax Law Won’t Help Single Renter Who Earns $1M a Year

12/26/2017 - Spending Christmas as Presidents: Trump vs. Obama, Bush

12/25/2017 - Merry Christmas from Ronald Reagan

12/22/2017 - 3 Reasons Pelosi is Wrong About Tax Bill Being the ‘Worst Bill’ Ever

12/21/2017 - Media Praises Today Host Savannah Guthrie for ‘Fantasy World’ Question

12/21/2017 - NY Times Suggests Feeling Sorry for the IRS

12/20/2017 - Media Overlooks Immigration Numbers Surging to Obama-Era Levels

12/19/2017 - MSNBC: Rumors about Trump Firing Mueller Reminds Me of King George III, Revolutionary War

12/19/2017 - CNN Offended by Sarah Sanders’ ‘Hugely Offensive Allegation’ Media Purposely Makes Mistakes

12/19/2017 - NY Times: Due Process was Missing in Al Franken’s Case

12/19/2017 - USA Today Editorial Board Criticizes Trump Again

12/18/2017 - MSNBC Admits to Sexual Harassment Payout Involving Chris Matthews

12/18/2017 - Media Overlooks FBI Agent’s ‘Insurance’ Comment in Mueller Probe Texts

12/18/2017 - CNN Tries to Interpret ‘Awkward’ Photos of Trump, Sessions

12/18/2017 - Only Newsweek Covered Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Emails Release

12/15/2017 - MSNBC Joins Sanders in Declaring Net Neutrality Vote the ‘End of the Internet as We Know It’

12/15/2017 - CNN: Net Neutrality Repeal ‘End of the Internet as We Know It’

12/14/2017 - CNN Highlights Most Popular GIFs of 2017

12/13/2017 - Warren Defends Fellow Senator by Tweeting about ‘Slut-Shaming’

12/13/2017 - Kimmel Misses Facts about CHIP Funding in Criticism of GOP

12/12/2017 - WaPo Columnist Asks If Franken’s Resignation is a ‘Good Outcome’ for Women

12/12/2017 - CNN Breaks Down Trump’s Alleged Diet Coke Habit

12/12/2017 - CNN Got the Story Wrong about AG Needing to Disclose Contacts

12/11/2017 - CNN Misreported its Donald Trump Jr.-WikiLeaks Story

12/11/2017 - Questions Remain over Alleged Lack of Apology in Al Franken’s Resignation Speech

12/11/2017 - Media Flubs Three Trump-Russia Stories

12/8/2017 - New York Times Op-Ed Writer Blamed Matt Lauer and Others for Costing Hillary Clinton the White House

12/8/2017 - CNN Asked ‘Undercover Conservatives’ in Silicon Valley about Political Diversity

12/8/2017 - Special Counsel’s ‘Pit Bull’ Once Congratulated Fired Interim FBI Chief Sally Yates for Criticizing Trump

12/7/2017 - ABC News Misreports Manafort was Working on Op-Ed with Russian ‘Official’

12/7/2017 - ABC News’ Brian Ross has a History of Misreporting the Facts

12/7/2017 - New York Times Edits Article Insinuating Trump Advisor may have Lied to Congress

12/6/2017 - Did ABC’s ‘Fake News’ about Trump’s Russia Comments to Flynn Tank the Market?

12/5/2017 - CNN’s Website Didn’t Cover Pelosi’s Walking Back of Comment that GOP Tax Bill is ‘Armageddon’

12/4/2017 - Liberals Dominate List of People Fired Over Sexual Misconduct

12/4/2017 - NY Times Asks Readers to Call Senators to Vote Against GOP Tax Reform

November 2017

11/30/2017 - CNN Questions Trump’s Competency, But Not Obama’s

11/30/2017 - CNN’s Trump Criticism Features Only Anti-Trump Sources

11/29/2017 - CNN Boycotts White House Christmas Party

11/29/2017 - NBC Fires Today Show Co-Host Matt Lauer Over ‘Inappropriate Sexual Behavior’

11/28/2017 - Clinton Glosses Over Dems When Asked About Sexual Harassment

11/28/2017 - MSNBC’s Reid: Rural Americans a ‘Core Threat to Our Democracy’

11/27/2017 - Trump Suggests Networks Compete in ‘Fake News’ Contest

11/27/2017 - CNN White House Correspondent Doubts WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Pie Pic

11/27/2017 - Brazile Agrees with Hillary: 2016 ‘Was Not a Legitimate Election’

11/21/2017 - Hillary Clinton Critical of Fox News, Ignores Other Networks’ Biases

11/20/2017 - After Criticizing Trump On Election Results, Clinton Continues to Question Legitimacy

11/20/2017 - CNN: Fox News’ Shepard Smith ‘Dismantled’ Uranium One Story

11/20/2017 - Glamour Honors ‘Women of the Year’ — But No Conservatives

11/17/2017 - Media Ignores Warren’s Claim that Democratic Party’s Leader is ‘Grassroots’

11/16/2017 - NY Times Columnist: I Now Believe Broaddrick’s Claims Against Bill Clinton

11/16/2017 - Media Highlights Trump’s ‘Awkward’ Water Bottle Moment

11/15/2017 - CNN Quotes Ex-Obama Intelligence Officials Criticizing Trump on Russia

11/15/2017 - CNN: Look at Trump’s ‘Most Awkward’ Handshake Ever!

11/14/2017 - NY Times Columnist: My Child Can’t be Friends With White Children

11/14/2017 - Dear GQ: 2017’s Citizen of the Year Should be Houston’s ‘Mattress Mack’

11/14/2017 - GQ’s Citizen of the Year is Colin Kaepernick, Unemployed NFL Athlete

11/13/2017 - Media Ignores Warren Walking Back Claims the DNC Primary was Rigged

11/13/2017 - Media has Wall-to-Wall Coverage of Allegations against GOP Candidate Roy Moore

11/13/2017 - ESPN is Set to Lay Off Workers Before Christmas

11/11/2017 - Veterans Group: Proud to Continue to Fight for Policies to Improve Veterans’ Lives after Service

11/10/2017 - CNN Reporter Stated, Then Corrected Claim about Trump’s China Visit

11/10/2017 - Despite Media Narrative, Democrats’ Virginia Sweep Shows It’s A Blue-Leaning State

11/9/2017 - Hillary Clinton Claims Victory in Election Day Gains for Democrats

11/9/2017 - USA Today: Chainsaw Bayonet Could be Added to AR Rifle

11/8/2017 - Anti-Trump New York Times Columnist Defends Trump Dossier, but is Light on Facts

11/8/2017 - PolitiFact Fails at Trying to Fact Check Koch Brothers’ Ad on Tammy Baldwin’s Pro-Tax Increase Record

11/7/2017 - CNN Roasted For Bad Report about Trump Feeding Fish

11/7/2017 - Columnist Apologizes for Remarks about White House Press Sec

11/6/2017 - Donna Brazile Thought about Replacing Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden or Cory Booker

11/6/2017 - CNN Published Analysis Wondering if Bernie Sanders could’ve Won an Unrigged Primary

11/3/2017 - Washington Post: Democrats’ Claim about GOP’s Tax Plan is False

11/2/2017 - CNN Included Former President George H.W. Bush on List of ‘Powerful Men’ Accused of Sexual Harassment

11/2/2017 - Papa John’s Blamed NFL Anthem Protests for Sagging Sales

11/2/2017 - Democratic-Leaning Group Pulls Controversial Anti-GOP Governor’s Candidate Ad after NYC Terrorist Attack

11/1/2017 - CNN Quotes Anonymous Fox News Sources Who are Upset at Network’s Coverage

October 2017

10/31/2017 - NBC’s Firing of Mark Halperin Not On NBC News’ Website

10/30/2017 - CNN Reporter Tied to Trump Russia Dossier Firm

10/30/2017 - Even NBC News Points Out Democrats’ Desperation in Virginia Governor’s Race

10/27/2017 - NY Times: Gen. John Kelly May be Too Patriotic

10/26/2017 - Who Knew? Clinton Campaign and Democrats Funded Trump-Russia Dossier

10/26/2017 - North Carolina Paper Uses Rising Premiums to Push for Single-Payer Health Care

10/25/2017 - CNN: President Trump was Right About Fusion GPS Dossier

10/25/2017 - CNN Praises Retiring Sen. Jeff Flake for Being Anti-Trump

10/25/2017 - CNN Fact Checks Sarah Sanders, Did Not Fact Check Obama’s Press Secretaries

10/24/2017 - CNN Ran ‘Facts First’ Video and Forgot Their Own Major Factual Mistakes

10/24/2017 - CNN Analysis: Americans Don’t Care about Trump’s Tax Returns After All

10/23/2017 - CNN: Trump Family Broke Presidential Tradition of Having Pets

10/23/2017 - Melania Trump Cut First Lady Staff to a Quarter of Size of Michelle Obama’s

10/23/2017 - New Yorker: Kelly’s Press Conference could be a Preview of a Military Coup

10/23/2017 - NBC News: Trump Punts to Congress on Issues Too Much

10/23/2017 - ESPN’s Jemele Hill Back at Work after Suspension

10/20/2017 - Mainstream Media Excuses Congresswoman’s Criticism of Trump’s Phone Call to Gold Star Family

10/20/2017 - Beware of Government Healthcare: UK’s NHS Plans to Deny Surgery for Smokers, Obese Patients

10/20/2017 - NFL Continues to Struggle with Protests During National Anthem

10/20/2017 - NBC News Covers Internal Turmoil at DNC

10/19/2017 - Soros Donates $18B to Own Foundation, But WaPo Missed a Major Point

10/19/2017 - Hillary Clinton Finds Another Reason For Her 2016 Loss

10/19/2017 - Virginia Democratic Lt. Gov. Candidate Omitted from Mailer after Union Complaints

10/16/2017 - Hillary Clinton Calls Rival Trump ‘Sexual Assaulter’ but Excuses Husband

10/16/2017 - The Reason Jimmy Kimmel Won’t Touch Harvey Weinstein Jokes

10/15/2017 - CNN Criticizes NBC Because Megyn Kelly Isn’t Asking Softball Questions

10/15/2017 - NBC News Asks Why NFL Cheerleaders Don’t Protest

10/13/2017 - Oops! President Trump Appeared to Forget to Sign Executive Order

10/12/2017 - Hillary Clinton Turned to CNN Exclusive Interview to Explain Harvey Weinstein Fallout

10/12/2017 - No Mention on NBC News Website of Alleged Burying of Weinstein Scandal Story

10/11/2017 - Universities Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day

10/11/2017 - No Mention of Weinstein’s Donations in Statements by Clinton, Obamas

10/11/2017 - Remember This? Michelle Obama Praised Harvey Weinstein in 2013

10/10/2017 - Jemele Hill Suspended by ESPN for Latest Social Media Post

10/6/2017 - Is Late-Night Comedy Becoming Political to Save Declining Ratings?

10/6/2017 - NRA Shocks Media, Backs Regs on Controversial Gun Bump Stocks

10/6/2017 - Media Forgot Obama Green-Lighted Controversial Bump Stocks

10/4/2017 - FiveThirtyEight Debunks Left’s Gun Control Narrative

10/4/2017 - Contrary to Media Report, GOP Didn’t Shelve Gun Silencer Bill Because of Las Vegas Shooting

10/3/2017 - The Left’s Machine Gun Narrative, Debunked

September 2017

9/30/2017 - NFL Protest Backlash? 17% Drop in NFL Ticket Sales for Online Vendor

9/30/2017 - Colin Kaepernick Donated $25,000 to Organization Named after Cop Killer

9/29/2017 - Chuck Todd Forgot the Declaration of Independence Mentions God-Given Natural Rights

9/29/2017 - Oops: Election Board Listed Jared Kushner as a Female Vote

9/28/2017 - Fact Check: Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal isn’t like Ivanka Trump’s

9/28/2017 - Michelle Obama Criticizes Women Who Voted for Trump

9/27/2017 - Media Quiet on Report Dems Fed Jimmy Kimmel Talking Points

9/27/2017 - NY Times Published 31 Articles on Why Socialism is Good

9/27/2017 - Reporter Laments NFL Protests Losing Sight of Kaepernick’s Original Goal

9/26/2017 - NFL Players Protest National Anthem on Gold Star Mother’s Day

9/26/2017 - Media Fails to Point Out Only 12% of NFL Players Protested National Anthem

9/22/2017 - Valerie Plame Wilson’s Stardom Came Crashing Down

9/22/2017 - Obama Ignored Obamacare’s Failures in Criticizing GOP Efforts to Replace It

9/22/2017 - Liberal Media Headlines: Trump’s Dept of Ed Secretary Used Her Own Private Plane for Work and Paid for It!

9/21/2017 - Newsflash: Obama is Unhappy over Obamacare Repeal is Because It is His Legacy

9/20/2017 - In CNN Article on Venezuela, ‘Socialist’ Mentioned Only Once

9/20/2017 - Outrage Mob Assembles over Bodega Boxes, Accuses Founders of Appropriating Culture

9/19/2017 - Now Hillary Clinton Questions Legitimacy of 2016 Election

9/19/2017 - Irony? Pelosi Event Disrupted by Pro-Illegal Immigration Protesters

9/18/2017 - Fake News? Media Reported Trump Administration Would Pull Out of Paris Accords, But Didn’t

9/18/2017 - All of a Sudden, Mainstream Media Wants Trump White House Visitor Logs

9/15/2017 - Liberal Media Ignoring Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Scandal; New York Times Published One Article So Far

9/15/2017 - Media’s Menendez Trial Coverage is Lacking

9/14/2017 - Media Barely Covers How Clinton’s Book Tour is Hurting the Democratic Party

9/14/2017 - Liberal Media Overlooks Hillary Clinton’s Book Tour Fees

9/13/2017 - All Sports Journalists Talk about is Colin Kaepernick

9/13/2017 - Hillary Clinton Gripes, Media Obliges to Promote It

9/13/2017 - Breitbart Headline Belies Fact that Koch Brothers are Consistent on Immigration Stance

9/8/2017 - In Latest Controversy, Democratic Senators Ask Trump’s Nominees about Religion

9/8/2017 - Democrat in Trouble? Menendez’ Defense Attorney said Corruption Trial Attacks All Successful Hispanics

9/7/2017 - ‘The Homecoming’ Washington Post Article: Anti-Trump Supporters are Enlightened

9/7/2017 - CNN ‘Analysis’: Trump isn’t Taking Obama’s Advice

9/6/2017 - Liberal Media Wants Congress to Save DACA, but It’s Most Likely Unconstitutional

9/6/2017 - Washington Post Quotes Southern Poverty Law Center in Piece about Government Ignoring White Supremacists

9/5/2017 - Media Defends Fired FBI Director James Comey’s Draft Letter in Clinton Email Investigation

9/5/2017 - Liberal Media Realizes the Truth about Antifa: FBI Designated Them as ‘Terrorists’

9/5/2017 - Liberal Media Glanced Over Story on Southern Poverty Law Center Sending Millions of Dollars to Offshore Accounts

9/1/2017 - New Media Narrative: Sanctuary City Policy Means Immigration Status Check at Shelters

9/1/2017 - CNN’s Alleged GOP Pundit has Donated to Democrats Since 1997

August 2017

8/31/2017 - Political Cartoon at Politico Criticized for Mocking Texas during Hurricane Harvey

8/31/2017 - CNN Highlights President Trump Mixing Up Finnish Journalists

8/30/2017 - Liberal Media Criticized Melania Trump for Wearing Heels Before Houston Visit

8/30/2017 - President Trump Visited Texas Too Soon, said MSNBC

8/30/2017 - More Fake News? Report about Border Patrol Checkpoints during Hurricane Harvey Debunked

8/29/2017 - Liberal Media is Covering Corruption Trial of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez

8/29/2017 - Fox News Reporter Corrects the Record after CNN’s Acosta Made Claims about Trump Press Briefings

8/28/2017 - Once a Media Darling, France’s Macron Criticized for Makeup Expenses

8/28/2017 - CNN Reporter Questioned President Trump’s Resolve to Handle Hurricane Harvey

8/28/2017 - Losing Campaign Managers Form Anti-Election Hacking Team at Harvard University

8/25/2017 - Media Coverage of Protests Fueled Violence

8/25/2017 - Dear CNN, Don’t Forget Ex-Spy seeking to Buy Twitter to Ban Trump Isn’t Close to Crowdfunding Goal

8/24/2017 - Reuters Called ESPN Asian Announcer Robert Lee a ‘Namesake’ of Confederate General

8/24/2017 - After Backlash over ESPN’s Robert Lee Decision, ESPN President Blasts FOX Sports Personality for Politicizing the Story

8/23/2017 - Even NBC News Noted DNC’s ‘Struggles to Cash in on Anti-Trump Fervor’

8/23/2017 - CNN Forgot that Afghanistan War was Obama’s ‘Sorriest Legacy’

8/22/2017 - 11 Monuments Vandalized after Charlottesville Violence

8/22/2017 - Kudos to Liberal Media for Covering Vandalism of DC’s Lincoln Memorial

8/21/2017 - CNN Runs with Headline that Antifa Members Seek ‘Peace Through Violence’

8/21/2017 - Vandals burn Abraham Lincoln Bust in Chicago after Charlottesville Violence

8/21/2017 - Trump’s Use of ‘Both Sides’ in Speech on Charlottesville Violence Sets Off Liberals

8/18/2017 - CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wondered if Barcelona Terror Attack was a ‘Copycat’ of Charlottesville

8/18/2017 - No, Liberals, Antifa Members Can’t Compare to World War Two Veterans

8/18/2017 - New York Times Op-Ed: ACLU Needs to ‘Rethink Free Speech’

8/18/2017 - Editor Suggests Getting Rid of Mount Rushmore

8/17/2017 - Liberal Media Ignored NAACP Leader’s Disapproval of Removing Statues after Charlottesville Tragedy

8/17/2017 - If Anything, Start with Planned Parenthood to Tear Down White Supremacy

8/17/2017 - Liberal Media Goes Ga-Ga over Chelsea Manning’s ‘Vogue’ Cover Photo

8/16/2017 - Liberal Journalists Conference a Hostile Audience for Trump Aide Omarosa

8/16/2017 - Even CNN Published Article about Hillary Clinton’s Pastor’s Alleged Plagiarism

8/15/2017 - CNN Notes Trump’s Condemnation of White Supremacists, but Forgot Obama Avoided Condemning Black Lives Matter

8/15/2017 - At It Again: CNN’s Jim Acosta Asked President Trump if He Pushes ‘Fake News’

8/15/2017 - The Liberal Media Did Cover Keith Ellison’s Claim that North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Acts More Responsibly than President Trump

8/14/2017 - Liberal Media Overlooked Obama’s ‘Delicate Dance’ and Re-Entry into Political Activism

8/14/2017 - Liberal Media Ignores New York Magazine Piece Criticizing Fox News Hosts for Being Blonde

8/14/2017 - Unhinged Liberal Media? Newsweek Criticizes Trumps for Wearing Heels

8/11/2017 - CNN Host Called Out Clinton Hypocrisy on Trump’s North Korea ‘Fire and Fury’ Comment

8/11/2017 - CNN Host: Democratic Party Lacks ‘Clear Leader’ Heading into 2018, 2020

8/11/2017 - Oops? CNN Ignored Key Data that Makes the Case for Less Immigration

8/10/2017 - Hollywood Reporter Claimed Koch Brothers Invested in Movies, Ignoring Koch Industries’ Statement to the Contrary

8/10/2017 - Embarrassing: New York Times Corrects Story about Climate Change Report

8/10/2017 - Hillary Clinton May Reinvent Herself as a Methodist Preacher

8/9/2017 - New York Times Claimed It Had a Leaked Report, but They Were Wrong

8/9/2017 - Why did Gizmodo Not Publish Data in the ‘Google Memo’?

8/9/2017 - Liberal Media Overlooked How Some Female Google Employees Stayed Home from Work over ‘Google Memo’

8/8/2017 - Liberal Media Covered ex-Mexican President’s Anti-Trump Comments

8/8/2017 - CNN Avoided Mentioning How Many Jobs were Added in Jobs Report, Focused on Lack of Wage Growth

8/7/2017 - New York Times Called White House HVAC Renovation a ‘Handy Excuse’ for Trump’s Extended Vacation

8/7/2017 - ABC News Highlighted Trump’s Hypocrisy on Extended Vacation, but Admitted It’s Due to White House Renovations

8/7/2017 - Liberal Magazine, Citing CNN, Guessed Trump’s Weekend Vacations Cost Taxpayers More than Obama’s Eight Years of Vacations

8/4/2017 - WaPo Columnist: ‘Mass Incarceration’ = ‘Slavery’

8/4/2017 - Liberal Media Mostly Ignores Scandal of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Payments to IT Aide from Pakistan

8/4/2017 - New York Times Reviews ‘Compelling’ Al Gore and His Global Warming Documentary Sequel

8/3/2017 - CNN Defends Own Reporter Jim Acosta, Ignores Aggressive Questioning Tactics

8/3/2017 - Liberal Media Ignored Report that Al Gore Used 20 Times More Energy to Power His Home than Average American

8/3/2017 - Oops: White House Confirmed President didn’t take Phone Calls from Boy Scouts, Mexico

8/3/2017 - WaPo Says Hezbollah, Not Trump, ‘Are The Ones Fighting Terrorism’

8/2/2017 - Media Mostly Ignored Sessions, Dept of Justice Gun Prosecutions Going Up 23%

8/1/2017 - Better to Denigrate Author Than Write About Hillary’s Uranium Scandal

8/1/2017 - Cuban Dissident Dissects Democratic Congressman’s Claim about Cuban Health Care

8/1/2017 - Seven Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Read Hillary Clinton’s Book ‘What Happened’

8/1/2017 - Fake News Outrage: Liberals Upset that Trump Allegedly Didn’t Shake Hands with Handicapped Child, but He Did

July 2017

7/31/2017 - CNN Claims Trump Makes MS-13 Stronger

7/31/2017 - Liberal Media Covers Death of Infant Charlie Gard, but Don’t Use Description ‘Socialized Health Care’ or ‘Single Payer’

7/31/2017 - British Hospital Statement on Charlie Gard’s Death Glanced Over by Liberal Media

7/31/2017 - Media Disputes Notion that More NFL Viewers Turned Off Games due to National Anthem Protest

7/28/2017 - Why didn’t NBC News or ABC News Cover Democrats’ Single Payer Vote?

7/28/2017 - CNN Critical of GOP’s Single-Payer ‘Bait’ Amendment

7/28/2017 - Washington Post’s ‘Fact Check’ of Trump’s Obamacare Claims Misses the Truth

7/27/2017 - CNN Rips Trump Speech to Boy Scouts, But Gave Obama a Pass When He Skipped it To Appear on ‘The View’

7/27/2017 - Liberal Media Reported on DNC IT Staffer’s Arrest Almost a Day after News Broke

7/27/2017 - Lost in Media Outrage over Trump’s Transgender-Military Tweets, Disabled Veteran Expressed Support for Tweets

7/27/2017 - Charlie Gard’s Parents Drop Bid in Bringing Child Home before His Passing

7/26/2017 - Even MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Criticized Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Slogan

7/25/2017 - Liberal Media Sides with Single Payer Rhetoric in Charlie Gard Case

7/25/2017 - Contradictions? Trump’s Intelligence Director said Intelligence Agencies Agree on Russian Meddling in 2016

7/24/2017 - Democrats’ New Slogan Sounds like Papa John’s, but Liberal Media is Silent

7/24/2017 - Liberal Media Ignores Katie Couric’s ‘Fake News’ Comment

7/24/2017 - Why did Reuters Post a Livestream of Sean Spicer’s House after Resignation Announcement?

7/21/2017 - CNN Op-Ed Wonders if Trump is Having Any Fun, but Omits Anti-Trump Media Criticism as Possible Cause

7/21/2017 - CNN Failed to Recognize Liberal Ideology of Disruptive Capitol Hill Protesters

7/21/2017 - CNN Raised Alarm Bells over ‘That Huge Iceberg’ that ‘should Freak You Out’

7/20/2017 - Washington Post Trump-Putin Narrative Debunked: Trump Talked to Putin while at G-20 Dinner with Other World Leaders

7/20/2017 - Do You Trust CNN’s Analysis of Trump’s Remarks to Senator Dean Heller?

7/20/2017 - Liberal Media Narrative Falling Apart? Trump Approval Rating at 50% in Pro-Trump Counties

7/19/2017 - Poll finds 52% of Americans think Democrats are Just Anti-Trump, Have No Concrete Agenda

7/19/2017 - Women’s March Activist Claimed Dana Loesch is a ‘Pretty Face to Sell Guns to Men,’ but No Statement from Group

7/18/2017 - Liberal Media Ignores Women’s March Praising Convicted Cop Killer

7/18/2017 - Mostly Ignored: Chuck Schumer Admitted Obama Obamacare Payments Violated the Constitution

7/18/2017 - American Doctor Permitted to See Charlie Gard

7/17/2017 - Remember This? ‘Morning Joe’s’ Joe Scarborough once said Trump has Qualities like Ronald Reagan

7/17/2017 - ABC News Labeled Christian Group a ‘Hate Group’ by Using SPLC Label

7/14/2017 - NBC News Interviewed Obama’s CIA Director, who Continues Criticism of Trump

7/14/2017 - CNN Wonders Why Sexism Exists in (Liberal) Silicon Valley

7/13/2017 - After Nobel Prize Winner’s Death, Liberal Media Not a Fan of Using ‘Communist’ to Describe Chinese Government

7/13/2017 - CBS, BBC Join Forces

7/13/2017 - CNN Calls Christian Legal Group ‘Anti-Gay’ for Religious Liberty Stances

7/13/2017 - Scientists Admit Antarctic Ice Shelf Break Cannot be Directly Linked to Climate Change

7/13/2017 - This is News? MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Declared He’s Left the GOP

7/12/2017 - CNN Runs Article from Former Obama Official that Criticized Trump on Handling Russia, Putin

7/12/2017 - Baton Rouge Police Officer, Injured in Anti-Police Ambush, Sues Black Lives Matter

7/11/2017 - CNN: Obama Left Behind a Strong Economy for Trump

7/11/2017 - Vice President Mike Pence, in Visit to NASA, has Fun with ‘Do Not Touch’ Sign

7/11/2017 - Unhinged? Former Clinton Manager John Podesta Tweeted President Trump is a ‘Whack Job’

7/10/2017 - What Freedom of Speech Looked Like at Washington’s Freedom of Speech Rallies

7/10/2017 - Even the Polish President Called Out Fake News on Alleged Handshake Snub of Trump

7/10/2017 - More Fake News from CNN? Jim Acosta Cited Debunked Liberal Narrative on Intelligence Agencies’ Russia Assessment

7/10/2017 - Left-Wing Media Outlet Jezebel Got It Wrong that Paul Ryan Implemented Dress Code

7/10/2017 - Liberal Media Cannot Avoid Good Economic News for Trump

7/7/2017 - CNN Admits in 30th Paragraph that Trump was Right about Intel Agencies’ Assessment on Russia

7/7/2017 - Pew Center Survey: Republicans More Likely to Believe America ‘Stands Above’ Other Countries

7/7/2017 - Jeopardy Trolled Liberals with ‘Stay Woke’ Category on … Sleep

7/6/2017 - Bernie Sanders Goes after Fox News for Criticizing His Anti-ObamaCare Repeal Claim

7/6/2017 - Washington Post Allegedly Mislead Readers on Local Story of Muslim Teenager’s Death

7/5/2017 - Obama, Unhappy with Trump, said There’s an ‘Absence’ of US Leadership

7/5/2017 - After Outcry, MSNBC Won’t Release Correspondence between Trump and ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts

7/5/2017 - CNN Producer Insulted American Voters as ‘Stupid’

7/4/2017 - Happy July 4th from AIM!

7/3/2017 - President Trump’s Tweet of Wrestling Video Called ‘Incitement to Violence’ against Media by Anti-Trump and Liberal Critics

7/3/2017 - CNN: Trump’s CNN-Wrestling Tweet was a ‘Juvenile Tweet’

7/3/2017 - Even the Clinton Administration Felt White House Press Briefings were Lame

7/3/2017 - Democratic Senator Claimed She Never Met Russian Ambassador, but She Did

June 2017

6/30/2017 - New York Times Issued Correction on Russia Article, Overstated Intelligence Agencies’ Assertions

6/30/2017 - Fact Check: Huffington Post Writer got Water Rule Protection Claim Wrong

6/30/2017 - Sarah Palin is Suing the New York Times after Blaming Her for Inspiring Giffords Shooting

6/30/2017 - Gay March in Chicago Booted Gay Jewish Activists for Having Star of David on Flags

6/29/2017 - Liz Warren: Democrats should Run on Single Payer Health Care!

6/29/2017 - Study: Minimum Wage Workers Lost $125 Per Month due to Minimum Wage Hike

6/29/2017 - Even a Top Democrat is ‘Queasy’ about Loretta Lynch’s Role in Clinton Email Investigation

6/28/2017 - Three CNN Employees Resigned after Retracted Russia Story Fallout

6/28/2017 - CNN Producer, in Undercover Video, Admitted Russia Collusion Story has Little Evidence

6/28/2017 - Sean Spicer Ignored CNN Reporter Jim Acosta in Non-Televised Press Briefing

6/27/2017 - Liberal Media Focuses on One Statistic in CBO Study on Obamacare Replacement Bill

6/27/2017 - Wow: Bernie Sanders and Wife Jane Hire Lawyers for Federal Probe into Tax Fraud Allegations

6/26/2017 - ‘Neutral’ Charity Tracker Removes ‘Hate Group’ Label from Conservative Groups’ Profiles

6/26/2017 - Confusing: FBI didn’t think Scalise Shooter had a Target in Mind

6/26/2017 - Democrats’ Rabid Abortion Stance Threatens Appeal to Millennials

6/23/2017 - St. Louis Cardinals Host Christian Day Speaker, Upsets LGBT Group

6/23/2017 - London-Style Building Fire is Unlikely to Happen in America

6/22/2017 - Back in the Spotlight: NFL Player Colin Kaepernick Compared Police to Slave Patrol

6/22/2017 - NFL Puts Pressure on Texas over Transgender Bathroom Bill

6/21/2017 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – June 21, 2017

6/21/2017 - ‘Conservative’ New York Times Columnist Uses Immigration to Poke Fun at Trump Supporters

6/21/2017 - Democrat Admits No Proof of Trump-Russia Collusion after Almost Yearlong Investigation

6/20/2017 - Friday Night Fox News Ratings Massacre

6/20/2017 - Ironic: New York Times Sues for Former FBI Director James Comey’s Notes

6/20/2017 - Progressives are Okay with Beating Up Trump and His Supporters

6/19/2017 - Wow: Anti-GOP Shooter had List of GOP Congressmen

6/19/2017 - Trump Released Financial Form, but Media Still Wants His Tax Returns

6/19/2017 - James Comey: A Long History of Questionable Obstruction Cases

6/16/2017 - Kellyanne Conway Speaks Out on If-fy News

6/16/2017 - New York Times Spread False Narrative in Op-Ed, Apologized Later

6/16/2017 - Huh? Hillary Clinton Compared Self to Wonder Woman

6/16/2017 - CNN and Facts Don’t Mix in Story about Guns, GOP Baseball Practice Shooting

6/15/2017 - Fake New Protest at Washington Post

6/15/2017 - Firm Claimed that Trump is Hurting Tourism in America

6/15/2017 - Obama Criticized Trump’s Isolationism, Pushed for Income Redistribution in Canada Speech

6/14/2017 - NBC News has a Trump Tracker to Track Visits to Trump’s Properties

6/14/2017 - CNN: Why is Obama’s Relationship with Trump a Strained One?

6/13/2017 - Huge Omission: Washington Post Piece on Pulse Nightclub Attack Didn’t Mention ISIS, Terrorism

6/13/2017 - D.C., after a Petition reached City Hall, Designated ‘Trans Pride’ Crosswalks

6/12/2017 - Law Professor Alarmed by Comey’s Leak of Memos to the Media

6/12/2017 - Bernie Sanders Criticized for Question to Christian Nominee about Damnation

6/12/2017 - CNN Highlights Democratic Criticism of GOP Candidate Karen Handel for ‘Livable Wage’ Remark

6/9/2017 - Former FBI Director James Comey Blasted New York Times, Anonymous Sources

6/9/2017 - Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting ‘Ultimately’ Confirmed Comey’s Decision to Announce Hillary Clinton Email Probe

6/9/2017 - Ex-FBI Director James Comey: Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting Forced Him to Work Independent of DOJ

6/8/2017 - Will James Comey’s Testimony be a Bust?

6/8/2017 - Democratic Congressman to start Impeachment Process of Trump

6/7/2017 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – June 7, 2017

6/7/2017 - Politico Reporter Blames Anti-Hillary Clinton Criticism on Sexism, Glances Over Poorly-Run Campaign

6/7/2017 - Feminist Laments ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie and Lack of ‘Ra-Ra’ Feminism

6/6/2017 - Convicted Disrupt J20 Organizer Still Willing to do “Whatever it takes” to Stop Trump Agenda [Video]

6/6/2017 - Liberal Media Mischaracterizes Portland Stabber as Trump Supporter

6/6/2017 - One-Percenter Bernie Sanders? He Collected $858,000 in Book Royalties

6/6/2017 - Michael Bloomberg Promised $15 Million to Fund United Nations Arm for Paris Climate Agreement

6/5/2017 - CNN Misspells “Chief” In Segment Critical on Trump Tweeting Covfefe

6/5/2017 - Kathy Griffin Claimed Trump is ‘Trying to Ruin My Life’

6/5/2017 - Unhinged Liberal Media? New York Magazine Calls Koch Brothers ‘Far Right Cranks’

6/3/2017 - Media Agrees Kathy Griffin Crossed the Line…Even On the Left

6/2/2017 - Liz Warren Pens Op-Ed to Hold Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos ‘Accountable’

6/2/2017 - Anti-Terrorist Airstrikes in Afghanistan Reach Five-Year-High under Trump

6/2/2017 - Too Little, Too Late: Joe Biden Criticized Democrats for Silence on Middle-Class America’s Woes

6/1/2017 - CNN’s Jake Tapper: Hillary Clinton said She Took Responsibility, then Blamed Everyone Else

6/1/2017 - CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Liberals have an ‘Attitude of Self-Righteousness’

6/1/2017 - Liberal Media in Awe of ‘Political Bromance’ between Canada’s Trudeau, France’s Macron

May 2017

5/30/2017 - So Many Leaks: Trump Called Alleged Intelligence Leaks about Manchester Terrorist Attack ‘Deeply Troubling’

5/30/2017 - Trump’s Department of Justice Lists Possible Sanctions for Sanctuary Cities

5/29/2017 - AIM Remembers Memorial Day

5/26/2017 - CNN and Liberal Media: Did Donald Trump Shove a Prime Minister?

5/26/2017 - Now, CNN Highlights Melania Trump as the First Catholic First Lady since Jackie Kennedy

5/26/2017 - CNN Rang Alarm Bells on ‘Doomsday’ Vault Water Leak

5/25/2017 - Liberal Media Spreads ‘Fake News’ about Ivanka Trump, World Bank Fund

5/25/2017 - CNN: Hillary Clinton’s Email Problem was Bigger than Everyone Thought

5/25/2017 - Number of Venezuelans Seeking Asylum in America Jumps 160% as Country is Starving

5/24/2017 - Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – May 24, 2017

5/24/2017 - Fox News Retracts Seth Rich-DNC Emails-Murder Story

5/24/2017 - Liberal Media Continues to Publish Fake News about President Trump

5/23/2017 - Trump is the First Sitting President to Visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem

5/23/2017 - Media Makes a Big Deal out of a Hand Swat by Melania Trump

5/23/2017 - Washington Post Defended Obama’s ‘Bow’ in Piece about Trump’s Alleged Bow in Saudi Arabia

5/23/2017 - CNN: Trump ‘called a hypocrite’ for Saudi Arabia Bow

5/23/2017 - Harvard Report: President Trump ‘Received Unsparing Coverage’ by the Media, Mostly Negative

5/22/2017 - Democratic Senator Admits No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion So Far

5/22/2017 - Washington Post’s Latest Story on Trump-Russia Investigation is Vague

5/22/2017 - NBC News Took Aim at Conservative Media Coverage of Trump-Russia News

5/22/2017 - Study: Journalists have a Poor Diet, Consume Too Much Alcoholic Drinks

5/22/2017 - NBC News Highlighted Small-Town, Pro-Trump Democratic Mayor who Lost to Young Challenger

5/19/2017 - Liberal Media Goes All-In on ‘White House Chaos’

5/19/2017 - Why didn’t James Comey Share His Trump Memo with Top Justice Dept Officials?

5/19/2017 - Obama Still Bitter about Trump, Criticizes President through Friend to People Magazine

5/19/2017 - CNN Gives Platform for Staunch Anti-Trump ex-Cruz Staffer

5/19/2017 - Democrats are Banking on Taking the House in 2018 to Investigate Trump

5/18/2017 - New York Times’ Story on Trump-Comey Conversation on Flynn is Based off of a Phone Reading of the Memo

5/18/2017 - Kasich: Regarding Trump and Recent Allegations, I Told You So

5/18/2017 - Why is the Liberal Media Ignoring Late Night TV’s John Oliver and His Tax Loophole?

5/18/2017 - Professor Debunked Obama Administration Claim that Climate Change led to War

5/17/2017 - Obama: I Didn’t Bomb Syria and My Inaction Took ‘Political Courage’

5/17/2017 - Hillary Clinton Launches Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Group ‘Onward Together’

5/17/2017 - Ironic: Workers File Lawsuit against DNC over Wages, Overtime Pay

5/17/2017 - SNL Cast Cried after Hillary Clinton Lost to Donald Trump

5/17/2017 - Voter Fraud in Florida Election May Have Decided Local Sheriff’s Race

5/17/2017 - New Miss USA Stirred Controversy over Remarks on Feminism, Health Care

5/16/2017 - White House Denied Washington Post Report that Trump Revealed Classified Info to Russian Officials

5/16/2017 - Unlike Obama, Trump Lights White House Blue to Honor Law Enforcement

5/16/2017 - NBC News: Trump may not have a GOP-Majority House after 2018 Midterm Elections

5/16/2017 - Michelle Obama Compared Her Healthy Food Initiative to Forcing Kids to Do Math

5/16/2017 - FiveThirtyEight the Focus of Social Media Backlash after Tweeting about Mom’s ‘Wasted’ Time with Kids

5/15/2017 - Michelle Obama Unhappy with Trump’s Reversal of School Lunch Policies

5/15/2017 - Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation ‘Needs to be Reevaluated’ under New FBI Director

5/15/2017 - RNC Video: Here are the Democrats who wanted FBI’s James Comey Fired

5/15/2017 - Lester Holt: Trump had a ‘Fair Point’ about Democrats’ Hypocrisy on FBI, Comey

5/15/2017 - Woman Allegedly Tried to Run GOP Congressman Off the Road due to Obamacare Repeal Vote

5/15/2017 - Pro-Life Democrat Lost Mayoral Race, Blamed DNC (and Tom Perez)

5/12/2017 - Next FBI Director could be Former Congressman Mike Rogers

5/12/2017 - NBC News Touts Online Poll Results, Claimed 46% of Americans Think Comey’s Firing was Inappropriate

5/12/2017 - Trump Trolls the Media, says He’ll Think about Releasing Tax Returns after Presidency

5/12/2017 - End of the Boy Scouts? LDS Church to End Century-Long Partnership with Boy Scouts of America

5/11/2017 - NBC News Accidentally Debunked Trump-‘Saturday Night Massacre’ Comparison

5/11/2017 - Liberal Media Floats Names for the Next FBI Director

5/11/2017 - Betsy DeVos Booed at HBCU Commencement Address at Bethune-Cookman

5/11/2017 - Another ObamaCare Dropout: Aetna withdraws from two more states

5/11/2017 - Oregon Judge Approves Third Gender Option on IDs

5/9/2017 - President Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey, but now Democrats are Upset

5/9/2017 - Liberal Media Unhappy about Trump’s EPA Not Rubber-Stamping Obama’s EPA Advisors

5/9/2017 - Is Obama’s Foundation Following the Clinton Foundation’s Steps in Possibly Skirting IRS Law?

5/9/2017 - Media Piles On GOP Rep. Raul Labrador for Comment, ‘Nobody Dies because They don’t have Access to Health Care’

5/9/2017 - Vulgar Joke by Late Night Comedian Stephen Colbert Puts Pressure on CBS

5/8/2017 - Obama is Unhappy with Trump’s Presidency So Far

5/8/2017 - Obama went 1-for-2 in Europe Endorsements: Macron Beats Le Pen in French Elections

5/8/2017 - Media Narrative Debunked: No, the GOP didn’t bring in Beer to Celebrate Passing Obamacare Repeal

5/8/2017 - CNN Makes a Partial List of Possible Pre-Existing Conditions under Obamacare Repeal

5/8/2017 - Rape Charges Dropped in Maryland High School Case, but Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

5/8/2017 - Second Ferguson Protester Died Under Mysterious Circumstances

5/6/2017 - Obama Endorsed Candidate in French Election, but Brexit Endorsement Didn’t Work

5/5/2017 - Even CNN Criticized Democrats’ Jeering of Republicans after ObamaCare Repeal Vote

5/5/2017 - NBC News: Doctor said ObamaCare Repeal Creates ‘Life or Death’ Conflict

5/5/2017 - Biased Source: CNN Cited Liberal Think Tank in Article on Why ObamaCare Repeal is Bad

5/5/2017 - Liberal Media Ecstatic at Photo of Steve Bannon’s Whiteboard Checklist

5/5/2017 - Who are CNN’s Early Leaders for Democratic 2020 Candidates?