Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — One of the more dangerous al-Qaeda offshoots in the Middle East region, the one operating in Yemen known as the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (acronym AQAP), said it will not use beheadings as a part of their tactics.


Reuters reported that the group’s leader, Nasser bin Ali al-Ansi, banned the use of beheadings within their own group.

The Islamic State made beheadings notorious and a part of their public relations campaign, and beheaded Western hostages like American James Foley. The Yemeni leader said, “There is no doubt that some of our brothers have been influenced by scenes of beheadings which have proliferated lately…These are scenes which we do not accept and we strongly reject.”

He continued:

“Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him and upon his family, has ordered us to be kind in everything, even in killing, and it is not part of kindness to film beheadings and slayings and publish them in public, where sons and daughters of those killed can see.”

Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

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