Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The year-and-a-half ordeal of the Costa Concordia cruise ship liner is coming to a close as the ship was finally pulled upright by an extensive salvage operation.

ITALY-SHIPPING-DISASTER-CONCORDIA-ANNIVERSARYReuters reported that the ship, which had been lying submerged off the Italian coast, will restore “Italy’s battered national pride.”

Concordia, a 950-foot-long liner that carried over 4,000 passengers and crew, capsized and sank last January 13th. 32 people were killed after the ship hit jagged rocks along the shore and sank.

The captain, Francesco Schettino, fled the ship and was later captured. He is now standing trial for various criminal charges such as manslaughter. It was a major embarrassment for Italy.

The salvage operation took 19 hours and could cost billions of dollars. The 114,500-ton ship was pulled upright by a series of jacks and cables, then placed onto underwater platforms until being moved to be taken apart for scrap metal.

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