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WASHINGTON — Wendy Davis’s gubernatorial campaign is struggling mightily, and barely registered any news on the one-year anniversary of her pro-abortion filibuster in the Texas legislature.

wendy davis texasReuters reported that she was the “brightest star in the U.S. political universe when she donned pink tennis shoes and launched a one-woman, 10-hour filibuster against abortion restrictions that brought her international attention.”

There has been no Democratic governor in the state of Texas in over twenty years, and Davis’ campaign is running on fumes. The 51-year-old Texas state senator lags far behind Republican nominee and favorite Attorney General Greg Abbott, age 56, by 10-13% in polls.

Reuters called her story, “an inspiring life story going from a single mother in a trailer park to a Harvard Law School graduate” even when media outlets found that she married a richer, older man and divorced him sometime after finishing Harvard Law School. They did mention that Davis had to reorganize her campaign staff and had to fight back against “embellished parts of her biography.” Yet, Reuters mentioned, “she remains a prominent candidate who can raise funds among major donors in Hollywood and Washington, D.C.”

Sounds like a winner, huh?

Washington Examiner writer Ashe Schow has done extensiveĀ research on Wendy Davis and her campaign, and whose work can be seenĀ here.

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