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WASHINGTON — Several Wal-Mart stores in Louisiana need cops to help the stores as the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system suffered an update which meant the EBT cards had no limit on purchases.

The Daily Caller reported that the Louisiana Wal-Marts were almost completely cleaned out by welfare recipients using EBT cards.

The stores in Mansfield and Springhill were affected and in the words of Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd, “It was worse than any “Black Friday”” (which refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving where crowds line up outside stores for bargain prices). The update’s effects lasted about 2 hours, after which the EBT card limits were rebooted and then welfare recipients cleared out the stores. The crowds left a mess for employees to clean up.

There were no arrests or violent behavior, just outright chaos. Video is courtesy of KSLA, a local Louisiana news affiliate for ABC.

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