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WASHINGTON — The presidential vote is now officially a sham, now that the pro-Socialist Party vote council has ruled in their favor. Reuters reports that the opposition still voices their accusations that the vote was stolen, but this deals them a big blow.

henrique capriles soccerEven though many know that the council is stacked with pro-Maduro and pro-Socialist Party loyalists, this was the last chance that the opposition had to argue their position on a domestic government level.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who is serving as a provincial governor of the wealthy Miranda province, encouraged voters to focus on the upcoming parliamentary elections in December.

He is challenging the audit results in the country’s Supreme Court but does not expect them to rule in his favor. Capriles is asking that the audit be more detailed with a line-by-line review of votes and would help detect where voting took place without an opposition worker present, which makes those votes illegal by Venezuelan law.

Nicolas Maduro, the president-elect, can now breathe easily and conduct his dismantling of a previously wealthy country into abject poverty. Crime is on the rise and due to Socialist price controls, there are shortages and rations that are enraging Venezuelans like toilet paper.

The worst? Roman Catholics now have to ration their wine for communion, something unheard of in Venezuelan history.

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