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WASHINGTON — Venezuela’s current attorney general, Luisa Ortega Diaz, acknowledged that there are 60 cases of human rights abuses as protests are raging in the country.

nicolas maduro praise chavezBBC News reported that the cases are being investigated by the attorney general’s office and that the protest violence has now led to 31 deaths.

There are at least 450 people injured by the clashes between the socialist, pro-Maduro camp and the free market-friendly opposition led by Henrique Capriles.

Ortega said that 15 officials have been imprisoned due to their connection with the violence. She admitted that “there has been police excess [of violence], we won’t deny it and the attorney general’s office is investigating it.”

Yet, her superior, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, has called the opposition “heirs to Hitler” for opposing his government and stagnant economy. Basic necessities like toilet paper are being rationed, which is a far cry from years past. Maduro has called the U.S. an instigator of the protests and expelled three American consular officials, but the U.S. denied they organized the protests.

Pope Francis of the Catholic Church has called for both sides to reach a peaceful agreement and calm, but that warning is going unheeded.

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