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WASHINGTON — Two more people have died in the protest violence surrounding Venezuela’s struggling economy and rising crime rate. Protesters demand the resignation of current President Nicolas Maduro, who is a socialist and protege of the deceased Hugo Chavez.

HENRIQUE CAPRILES CAMPAINGReuters reported that a Venezuelan soldier and motorcyclist died in a fight between security forces and protesters, who have camped out and barricaded streets in the capital city of Caracas.

The death toll has risen to 20 in the period of a month.

Pope Francis has called for peace, but with little if any success.

Yet, Nicolas Maduro has called opponents “fascists” and expelled three American consular officials he felt were conspiring with the opposition. The Venezuelan government imprisoned a prominent opposition lawmaker, Leopoldo Lopez, and has employed the use of pro-government paramilitaries to keep order in Caracas.

This does not alleviate the concerns of Venezuelans, who have seen rising inflation, rising crime as well as shortages of normal products like toilet paper or wine for Catholic Communion.

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