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WASHINGTON — The Virginia governor’s race, which was thought to be a landslide victory for the Democrats, turned out to be a nail biter for the Democrats. Their candidate, Terry MacAuliffe, won 48%-46% over Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli.

virginia governors race 2013Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis took 6% in the race, but many felt that he actually took away votes from MacAuliffe.

Cuccinelli was down by as many as 17 percentage points in the polls up to two weeks ago, until he made ObamaCare the central issue of his campaign. Exit polls indicated that ObamaCare was a major issue for Virginia voters and that was what made the election a lot closer than anticipated. Voters said they opposed ObamaCare 53-45%.

MacAuliffe outspent Cuccinelli between a 4:1 to 10:1 ratio, depending on your sources (the Associated Press claimed the latter was the spending margin). The Republican National Committee only committed $3 million to the race, when they spent up to $9 million in 2009.

Now questions arise whether the Republicans blew it in close race or the Democrats nearly cost themselves another race. But, the media will most likely blame Republicans for blowing a winnable race and ignore how MacAuliffe blew a 17% lead in the polls in a few short weeks.

Parts of this newswire were derived from the Washington Examiner columnist Michael Barone’s column here:

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