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WASHINGTON — The Uruguayan Senate may pass a law to make the country the first South American country to legalize marijuana, but to specifically to grow, buy and sell it.

uruguay marijuanaReuters reported that Uruguay is trying to take business away from criminals, but opponents are wary of marijuana legalization.

Uruguayans have to be over the age of 18 and have to be registered on a government database, and can only buy 1.4 ounces at state-sanctioned pharmacies per month. They can also grow up to six plans of marijuana on their properties a year or up to 17 ounces. And, they can create smoking clubs between 15-45 people, where they could grow up to 99 plants every year.

The bill is highly unpopular but passed through the lower chamber of the Uruguayan Congress this past June. It will most likely pass in the Senate due to the ruling party’s control of that body.

This effort is championed by the left-wing party and coalition, which believes that deregulation will help combat marijuana-related crimes and violence. Reuters even called George Soros a “philanthropist” and a chief backer of the bill, without mentioning his ties to left-leaning causes that he usually backs.

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