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WASHINGTON — Pro-European Union protesters have refused to back down to Ukrainian police teams, which are deployed to disperse the protesters and their camps. This story has been buried by the liberal American media as news of Justin Bieber’s DUI grabbed their attention.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 4.08.33 PMThe protesters oppose the Ukrainian government, led by President Viktor Yanukovich, and their move to solidify economic ties with Russia. The European Union (EU) was very close to getting Ukraine to sign onto a historic trade pact before Yanukovich backed out a week before the signing.

The EU condemned the move and criticized Russia for applying pressure, while Russia rebuked the EU for that accusation and for meddling in Ukrainian affairs.

The protesters wanted Yanukovich to sign the agreement, but have since changed their demands to force Yanukovich to resign as president. Among the protest news, a statue of Lenin was toppled and Ukrainians smashed it repeatedly with sledgehammers. The clashes have become more violent as the police have tried to dismantle and disperse the protesters, after Yanukovich’s allies passed a restrictive anti-protest law this past week. The law only provoked the protest movement even more.

The live stream of the protests can be found on UStream at several sites like the following:

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