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WASHINGTON — The current Ukrainian political crisis could lead to a potential economic crisis, but the demonstrators in the capital city of Kiev have not relented in their demands for a new president.

ukraine lenin statue fallenReuters reported that current president Viktor Yanukovich is in Russia to bolster ties with their former Soviet occupier. He is seeking loans to get Ukraine through the next year, even with mounting domestic and international pressure to strengthen ties with the European Union.

He is seeking loans, and possibly warmer responses, from the Russians because the Russians threaten to cut off oil and gas if the Ukrainians forge closer economic ties with Europe. Ukraine is on the brink of reaching a deal for a discount of natural gas shipments from Russia, which helps in a very cold Ukrainian winter. They need loans from Russia to remain financially solvent.

The Reuters piece quote several protesters and noted how some held a sign that said, “Yanukovich, turn the plane round to Europe.”

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