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WASHINGTON — Ukraine’s army looks to dislodge and defeat the pro-Russia rebels in eastern Ukraine, but will be careful due to the pressures and lingering presence of Russian military forces across the Ukraine-Russia border.

malaysian airlines flight 17

Reuters reported that in the public and international backlash over the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, the pro-Russia rebels continue to dig in and deny any involvement in the tragedy.

Still, many believe that the pro-Russia rebels used Russian military equipment to shoot down the civilian airliner. And, the Obama administration sources told news outlets likeĀ NBC News that there was no direct link between Russia and shooting down the airliner.

The Ukrainian government said that their military has clashed at least 26 times with the rebels in the eastern region in the past day, as of Tuesday. But, they were pushed out of the railway junction of Yasynuvata, close to the main rebel base of Donetsk on Sunday.

Overall, the rebels are surrounded in Donestsk and another stronghold in Luhansk, by the Ukrainian government forces.

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