Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — Both sides of the Ukrainian civil war agreed to a ceasefire yesterday, which could lead to the partitioning of the country between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine blames Russia for starting a second front in the civil war to help the pro-Russian rebels.

US President Barack Obama (R) meets hisReuters said the ceasefire did not stop all hostilities, as reports of explosions were noted around the surrounded rebel stronghold of Donetsk.

Russian troops invaded eastern Ukraine the past several weeks and bolstered the beleaguered and besieged pro-Russia rebel forces, sending the Ukrainian border guards scrambling for reinforcements. Russia is encouraging the world to allow the eastern, Russian-speaking Ukrainians to become an independent country, which the Ukrainian government is not keen on.

However, because Europe and the U.S. are not taking decisive action with a military intervention or sending high-grade munitions and vehicles, Ukraine’s ill-equipped army would have to square off against the Russian military.

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