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UK Prime Minister Cameron Re-Election threatened by anti-EU party

WASHINGTON — As re-election season approaches, British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing an uphill battle [1] in the face of steep opposition.

david cameron [2]Reuters reported [3] that Cameron, a Conservative, is not polling well in British areas where an anti-European Union party split his valuable center-right coalition voters.

Even with his main opposition, the Labor Party, in disarray, it does not look good at the polls for Cameron and his Conservatives. The anti-EU party, the UK Independence Party, could swing the election to the Labor Party if a vote is taken sooner rather than later.

This comes at a time where British voters are skeptical of how influential and beneficial the British relationship is with the EU regarding its currency and economic policy. The U.K. is a member of the security and political bloc, but does not use the euro while keeping its standard currency intact.