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WASHINGTON — The U.S. military, and the Obama administration, has emphasized they will not conduct a “shock and awe” air campaign in Syria against Islamist terrorists belonging to the group Islamic State (or known by the acronyms ISIL or ISIL).

islamic state of iraq flagReuters reported Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said they envision a long-term, moderate campaign against the terrorists. The “shock and awe” strategy of the 2003 Iraq war, where American air power decimated Iraqi forces and infrastructure before ground troops moved in, will not be the strategy of this prolonged anti-terrorist campaign.

General Martin Dempsey, said, “This won’t look like a ‘shock and awe’ campaign because that’s simply not how (the Islamic State group) is organized. But it will be a persistent and sustainable campaign.”

What was left unreported by major liberal mainstream media outlets was the Obama administration’s emphasis on training of at least 5,000 Syrian fighters, who may be Islamist and anti-Western in ideology.

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