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U.S. tells Israel that ‘Core Sanctions’ in Iran remain in place

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is in damage-control mode, not only about ObamaCare, but their heavily-criticized easing of Iran sanctions.

NA-PETRAEUS [1]Reuters reported [2] that Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the core sanctions will remain in place.

Kerry and the Obama administration cut a deal with Iran and other nuclear powers to ease sanctions with the Iranian regime, which enraged Israel and Saudi Arabia. Even U.S. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez criticized the move [3] by the Obama administration.

Netanyahu condemned the deal as a “historic mistake” and is another dispute in a well-documented series of disagreements between Netanyahu and Obama.

Saudi Arabia has felt abandoned [4] by its longtime American ally, and is mostly going it alone in foreign policy [5]. The country, which is not exactly friendly toward Israel, has started to work with Israel [6] on strengthening their region together against their common enemies like Iran.