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WASHINGTON — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor gave a temporary injunction against ObamaCare’s contraception mandate for several Roman Catholic Church-affiliated organizations, such as the Baltimore, Maryland-based Little Sisters of the Poor and the Illinois-based Christian Brothers Services.

little sisters of the poor lawsuitReuters reported that this last-minute court injunction gave these organizations a temporary exemption from the ObamaCare contraception mandate, which requires all employers to provide contraception services.

This is not the first time that courts have granted stays or injunctions for religious organizations against this contentious provision of ObamaCare. Reuters said that at least two other appeals courts have done likewise on behalf of the Catholic University of American in Washington, D.C. and other non-profit organizations in Michigan and Tennessee. Because the appeals courts acted in these cases, the Supreme Court did not have to grant these stays or injunctions, but had to in the case of the Little Sisters and other similar organizations.

The stay was granted because these religious organizations contend that the federal government is forcing them to go against their religious beliefs to provide contraception coverage or to pay steep fines. Although ObamaCare exempts churches, the law does not exempt hospitals, schools or charitable organizations with religious ties. Although non-profits can be exempt as of last July, due to a compromise by the administration, religious freedom under ObamaCare is still being contested in court.

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