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U.S. still sending F-16 Jets to Egypt during Unrest

WASHINGTON — It seems that after the Obama waffle [1] over the Egyptian protests and counter-protests that the Obama administration will send additional American fighter jets to Egypt.

obama upset [2]Reuters reports [3] the U.S. will go through with plans to delivery four additional F-16 fighter jets to the Egyptian government.

Obama had previously threatened to withhold American funds for Egypt after the government was toppled by protests and the Egyptian military. But, the administration has not decided whether to call it a military coup or a democratic revolution.

Islamist and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was deposed after the Egyptian military gave him a 48-hour deadline [4] to meet the demands of the democratic protests and demonstrations.

The end result has been an interim leader [5] appointed by the military and ongoing violence and counter-protests by Islamist Muslim Brotherhood supporters.