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WASHINGTON — The international blame game is on, this time between the U.S. and Russia regarding the ongoing civil war in Syria.

john kerry syria hearingReuters reported that the U.S. accused the Syrian government under President Bashar Assad of creating a standstill during peace negotiations, while Russia denied such stalling charges.

Instead, Russia said that the countries backing the rebels (such as Saudi Arabia and the U.S.) will be leaning toward negotiating an end to the civil war. The negotiations were at Geneva, Switzerland, but the second round of talks broke down without any agreement to hold a third round of talks.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accused Syria of stonewalling: 

“The regime stonewalled. They did nothing except continue to drop barrel bombs on their own people and continue to destroy their own country. And I regret to say they are doing so with increased support from Iran, ¬†from Hezbollah and from Russia.”

The Obama administration has been embarrassed on the international stage with Syria as Obama drew a “red line” that was not enforced. Instead, Russia stepped in and agreed to help dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons cache. But, the dismantling program will not be completed on time if at all, as United Nations observers said last month.

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