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U.S. Envoy: Tens of thousands of Russian troops on Ukraine-Russia Border

ukraine donetsk protests [1]

WASHINGTON — An American envoy is raising the alarm, as if current events in Ukraine aren’t alarming.

Reuters reported [2] that the envoy, Daniel Baer, told reporters that there was “strong evidence” of significant numbers of Russian troops. He is the U.S. envoy to the¬†Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (known as OSCE), composed of 57 countries including Russia.

He was quoted as saying:

“We have strong evidence that there are tens of thousands of forces on the border and again not in their normal peacetime positions or garrisons…”¬†

“What the Russian Federation should be doing is taking steps to de-escalate the crisis. They have played a principal role in the crisis and there are clear practical steps they can take to de-escalate.”

The Russian delegation did not address any concerns during the meeting, said Baer.

After taking Crimea and officially annexing it, which forced Ukraine to withdraw their forces [3] from the peninsula. The West only responded with weak sanctions [4] on a handful of government officials. Now, Russia may be trying to seize the eastern portions of the country. Pro-Russia demonstrators seized government buildings in eastern Ukraine, in major cities like Donetsk, as BBC News reported [5] today.