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WASHINGTON — After the protest and demonstration debacle, the Turkish government led by the Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pushing for control over Twitter and social media.

turkey protester with flagReuters reports that the Turkish government is looking to shut down Twitter and repress the voice of the opposition and protesters that led to international scrutiny just a few short weeks ago.

Facebook said that it had not provided any information to the Turkish government.

Turkey “asked” Twitter to send a representative to set up shop in Turkey and indicates that the government wants to tighten its grip even more on freedom of communication among the younger secular and democratic Turks.

The protests embarrassed Erdogan and his ruling AKP party, which pushed for more Islamist laws on Turks. Turkey had enjoyed decades of secular democracy until Erdogan and his party banned alcohol advertisements and restricted the sale of alcohol at peak night hours.

Democracy activists protested on international television for a couple of weeks and gained the attention of the world, but was brutally repressed by the Turkish police and security forces.

Turkish police have also detained and tracked down at least 30 democracy activists in the days after the protests ended.

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