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WASHINGTON — The growing internal crisis in Egypt has pushed countries to sanction Egypt and apply political pressure. Turkey was one of the first to take action by withdrawing its ambassador to Egypt.

egyptian riots post morsiReuters reports that the Turkish ambassador to Egypt, Abdel Rahman Salah, was sent back to Turkey.

In diplomacy, withdrawing one’s ambassador is a stern diplomatic warning to another country that their actions will not be tolerated and is a form of an international rebuke and slap-in-the-face.

Egypt is facing an internal crisis as Islamist Muslim Brotherhood supporters resisted eviction from public squares after conducting nightly vigils by the Egyptian security forces, protesting the toppling of their president Mohammed Morsi and his government. Millions of Egyptians had protested Morsi’s policies, but that was not the concern of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Morsi’s place, the military put an interim government in charge with respected liberals and secularists like former U.N. nuclear agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei. After the violence broke out, ElBaradei resigned his position as interim vice president.

It led to an outbreak in violence and international condemnation.

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