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WASHINGTON — The Turkish reluctance to let American jets fly from bases in Turkey to help Kurdish fighters stop Islamist terrorists may be reversed, as the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known by ISIS, ISIL or Islamic State) approaches the Turkish border.

Reuters reported the Turkish parliament authorized the central government to take action against the terrorist threat, which has overrun large parts of Iraq and Syria. Turkey had authorized the building of a wall and fence along the Syria-Turkey border, but that has not allayed fears or concerns of terrorists attacking Turkey from Syria.

Kurdish refugees have fled from their towns and cities in Syria to Turkey as the terrorists have surrounded Kurdish and rebel Syrian fighters in the area. Kurdish forces in Iraq are also struggling to repel the terrorists in the northern city of Kobane.

Now, Turkey will allow NATO members to launch operations from Turkish bases, like the U.S. air base in the southern city of Incirlik. Turkey had previously refused U.S. overtures to approve U.S. fighter jets to use Turkey as a launching point for anti-terrorist operations in Iraq and Syria.

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