Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — Tropical storms have ravaged and beaten the Mexican coast along the Pacific and has led to widespread looting.

acapulco lootingReuters reported that the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco had significant looting this past week as the government could not reach the thousands of people affected and cut off by the substantial flooding.

At least 80 people died in the flooding, which came after the tropical storm Manuel hit the area. Tourists were also stranded as the local airport was flooded.

Looters took to the streets and raided televisions, Christmas decorations and other items as lawlessness descended on the resort town. Yet, the Mexican government and local police does nothing.

Only after an initial looting spree in the richer Acapulco neighborhood of Diamante did the government send Marines to prevent more looting. In the words of local hotel association leader Mariberta Medina, “Unfortunately, it wasn’t looting from need of food. It was stealing for stealing’s sake”.

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