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WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama has chosen not to interfere in the trial of neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who killed a black teenager named Trayvon Martin.

george zimmermanObama politicized the issue as racism at work after he said that if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin. Obama has two daughters but no son. The liberal news media jumped on the quote and Zimmerman quickly became a scapegoat in the public eye.

Martin was a black teenager who was suspiciously walking through the neighborhood where Zimmerman was. Zimmerman killed him, proclaiming self-defense and that Martin was a threat. Martin’s family and friends say that he was no threat to Zimmerman.

The politicization of the trial by Obama only made things worse and has polarized the country. The trial is ongoing, but the verdict could be as vicious as the O.J. Simpson trial.

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