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Top Tweets from Obama’s #SOTU

WASHINGTON — Now that the 2014 State of the Union speech is over, let’s recap some of the funnier and light tweets of Obama’s speech:

  1. A Buzzfeed reporter talking about how important Washington people aresotu kate nocera tweet [1]
  2. Joe Biden’s face and one man’s praise of Biden-nesssotu biden face [2]
  3. The wise response to a question like, “Why aren’t you live-tweeting SOTU?”sotu my kids need me [3]
  4. SOTU is the antidote to sleeplessnesssotu exjon rerun [4]
  5. After Obama’s ‘Mad Men’ reference, why not a ‘House of Cards’ response?sotu house of cards [5]
  6. That one guy who thinks HealthCare.gov is working, so federal workers should get a raise (actually it’s the government contractors he should be talking about)sotu pay raise [6]
  7. And the most memorable part was the audience recognizing Afghanistan war veteran Cory Remsburgsotu dan bongino [7]

What did you think of Obama’s State of the Union address?