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WASHINGTON — Now that the 2014 State of the Union speech is over, let’s recap some of the funnier and light tweets of Obama’s speech:

  1. A Buzzfeed reporter talking about how important Washington people aresotu kate nocera tweet
  2. Joe Biden’s face and one man’s praise of Biden-nesssotu biden face
  3. The wise response to a question like, “Why aren’t you live-tweeting SOTU?”sotu my kids need me
  4. SOTU is the antidote to sleeplessnesssotu exjon rerun
  5. After Obama’s ‘Mad Men’ reference, why not a ‘House of Cards’ response?sotu house of cards
  6. That one guy who thinks is working, so federal workers should get a raise (actually it’s the government contractors he should be talking about)sotu pay raise
  7. And the most memorable part was the audience recognizing Afghanistan war veteran Cory Remsburgsotu dan bongino

What did you think of Obama’s State of the Union address?

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