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WASHINGTON — The Pakistani unrest continues to threaten the country’s stability as the military and civilian governments are butting heads over control and authority.

Karachi car bombing 10 July 2013Reuters reports that one of the top presidential aides to Pakistan’s President Asi Ali Zardari, Bilal Shaikh, was assassinated in a brutal suicide bombing.

The bombing took place in the major port city of Karachi and was when he stopped his armored vehicle to buy some fruit. Two others were killed in the bombing and at least 12 were wounded.

An unidentified man walked up to Shaikh’s SUV just as Shaikh was exiting the car door to buy fruit, and detonated the bomb and killed him.

This most recent and politically devastating bombing underscores the instability over the past several months in Pakistan. Suicide bombings and shootings have taken place during the last parliamentary election cycle that have been blamed on the Islamist Pakistani Taliban, and the military and civilian government continue to argue over power.

The civilian government has arrested former military dictator Pervez Musharraf, which has angered the Pakistani military. The military has conducted coups before and that looms over the civilian government in the meantime.

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