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Too Little, Too Late? Ukraine starts Anti-Separatist Operations

WASHINGTON — Ukrainian troops launched a “special operation” against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukrainian towns. Their first target was an airfield seized by the militants.

ukraine donetsk protests [1]Reuters reported [2] that the airport was recaptured by Ukrainian forces in the town of Kramatorsk. However, the rest of the operations are not going as well because the military is ill-equipped for actual deployment and operations, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out [3].

After the Crimean peninsula was surrounded, invaded and annexed by Russia last month, the Ukrainian government is timid to respond to any pro-Russian protests or seizures of public buildings or facilities with military force [4]. In all, about 10 towns and cities in eastern Ukraine have seen pro-Russian separatists [5] take control.

It has some worried that this is a rebirth of the Cold War between Russia and the U.S., and led to the Ukrainian military partially mobilizing their soldiers [6] as Russian soldiers are massing along their borders [7].