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WASHINGTON — The anti-government protests in Thailand are escalating at a feverish pace as protesters have moved their efforts downtown.

thailand protests in bangkokReuters reported that they had been camping out in north Bangkok, and then marched into downtown Bangkok. This happened a day after the country’s highly-disputed elections took place.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been accused of running the country with her exiled brother, the former prime minister Thaksin. The protesters accuse the Thai elite and Shinawatras of running the country and demand an unelected council to replace those in power.

Yingluck ended up dissolving the country’s parliament last year and called for quick elections a few months later, which was condemned by the protesters.

The main opposition party waffled on whether to boycott the election or to participate. But, they eventually decided to boycott the elections, which led to a victory by Shinawatra’s allies.

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