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Thai Protests Continue, Threaten to Destabilize Thailand

WASHINGTON — Thailand is still in political limbo [1] as protesters are trying to shut down the capital city of Bangkok to prevent upcoming elections.

thai protesters [2]Reuters reported [3] that the prime minister in power, Yingluck Shinawatra, is facing increasingly stiff opposition to her power. Protesters oppose her and the rich Thai, as well as her exiled brother Thaksin.

The protesters accuse Yingluck to be a pawn of the exiled and former prime minister, her brother Thaksin. They want to revamp the current political system to avoid the Shinawatra and associated families to control the country.

The elections will probably usher in more of Yingluck’s supporters into parliament, which is why the protesters are planning massive protests to freeze the elections. She had dissolved parliament [4] late last year and called for elections by February.