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WASHINGTON — A potentially life-saving pro-life law in Texas was blocked by a federal judge, which ruled two parts of the state’s newest pro-life legislation unconstitutional.

wendy davis texasReuters reported that the judge ruled that two requirements were struck down and the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, will appeal the ruling.

Per, the two specific provisions that the judge blocked were requiring doctors to have an agreement with local hospitals to admit patients in case of a botched abortion (which pro-life advocates say that botched procedures puts the life of the woman at severe risk) and the requirement of abortion clinics to follow FDA protocols in dispensing the abortion pill (known as RU 486) in person. With the latter requirement, the abortion pill can only be dispensed in case of emergency when the life of the mother is at risk.

Reuters used abortion activist language in their article, such as “handing a partial victory to supporters of the right of abortion”, “national right to abortion” and complained that the laws put into place “tight restrictions” for those seeking an abortion. Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics sued the state and challenged the law that it will make abortions too hard to obtain, regardless of the safety of the mother.

Democrat Texas state senator Wendy Davis filibustered the law and the liberal mainstream media pounced on her abortion stance, which gave her the idea to run for Texas governor on the Democratic ticket. At one point during her filibuster, the Associated Press had to apologize for tweeting support for Davis’ filibuster, which only further exposed their liberal biases.

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