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WASHINGTON — Sounds weird, right? The chief leader of a company loses members, but still receives a raise? That is how the National Education Association (NEA) works, apparently.

Fox News reported that Dennis Van Roekel got a pay raise of $130,000 while membership went down.

As the article said:

Van Roekel, who retired this summer, was paid $541,632 during NEA’s fiscal year ending Aug. 31 — a $130,000 increase from last year, driven by a gross salary hike from $306,286 to $429,509. NEA membership dropped from 3,003,885 last August to 2,963,121 this August.

NEA, the nation’s largest labor union, has lost 272,014 members since 2009. The union paid Van Roekel $2.2 million from 2010-2014.

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