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Taliban on All-Out Offensive, puts Peace Talks on backburner

WASHINGTON — Peace talks that have been scheduled for this week are now in jeopardy as the Taliban have gone all-out against the Afghan government.

Afghanistan [1]This past Tuesday morning, an all-out assault took place outside the Afghan presidential palace compound and U.S. CIA headquarters in the capital city of Kabul. Reuters reports [2] that the attack resulted in a 90-minute firefight.

Taliban spokespeople had previously announced that they were looking forward to negotiating peace with the U.S.-backed Afghan government led by Hamid Karzai and the U.S. But, this attack signals other intentions.

The talks were to take place in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar.

Reporters and schoolchildren ducked and ran for cover as the fight ensued, but none were seriously injured.

Instability continues to plague the country as Taliban infiltrators kill Afghan policemen [3] and NATO servicemen, in addition to random shootings and bombings.