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WASHINGTON — The Oneida Nation tribal leader, who is spearheading the politically correct campaign to change the name of the NFL franchise Washington Redskins name, is not even the tribe’s official or sanctioned leader.

bob costas opinion mattersThis comes at a time where NBC sports reporter Bob Costas, who often provides liberal commentary on issues not related to sports, gave a halftime diatribe against the Washington Redskins name and franchise and called it a “slur”.

The Daily Caller reported that Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter, who is also the CEO of the casino group Oneida Nation Enterprises, is not the recognized leader of the Oneida tribe and is not a legitimate member. The governing body of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy, the Grand Council of Chiefs, does not recognize his leadership or membership, yet does nothing about it.

New York Assembleywoman Claudia Tenney told the news outfit that Halbritter “is not even technically an Oneida. There is not a drop of Oneida in him.” Halbritter traced his ancestry to a woman that lived on traditional Iroquois Confederacy land but was a non-member of the Six Nations.

The Daily Caller also discovered that Halbritter is a campaign donor and organizer for U.S. President Barack Obama and is a cheap casino manager, paying the smallest amounts to his tribe members compared to other casinos run by Native American tribes.

Tenney added, “He has no ancestry in the Six Nations but he has a lot of powerful friends in D.C.”

Halbritter helped raise $2.5 million for Obama’s re-election campaign at a fundraiser with 70 Indian leaders on January 27, 2012. President Obama recently said that he would encourage a name change of the historic NFL franchise.

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