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WASHINGTON — Syrian government gains continue to pile up as the Syrian rebels are falling back. After losing the crucial border town Qusair, which borders Lebanon, the Syrian government forces and Hezbollah fighters are trying to roll back the rebels city by city.

syrian militiaReuters reports their most recent campaign, against rebels based in the city of Homs, is taking a heavy toll on the rebels.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is seeing his side make gains as Iran and its militant organization, Hezbollah, are increasing their aid to his side. Hezbollah officially entered the two-year-old civil war from their base in Lebanon and most likely turned the tide of the civil war for a brief time.

The West and Saudi Arabia are planning to arm the rebels with sophisticated and advanced weaponry, but it takes time to get the supply channels established and moving.

The rebels are proposing a truce for the holy month of Ramadan, but some are wary of such a truce and whether either side will honor it during the holiest time on the Muslim calendar. The government will most likely not agree to a temporary ceasefire for the holy month.

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