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WASHINGTON — Lebanon, which has seen an uptick in sectarian violence since the start of the Syrian civil war, has reopened a road close to the Lebanon-Syria border. The road was reopened because opposing Islamic sects are at odds over the Syrian civil war and how the Syrian government is trying to clamp down on the border area.

LEBANON-HEZBOLLAH-PARADE-ASHURAReuters reported that a Shi’a Muslim town al-Labwa and the Sunni Muslim town Arsal were unhappy with each other over their involvement in the civil war.

Residents of al-Labwa built sandbag barriers to block a road going into Arsal because they thought the other town was housing Syrian rebels.

The rebels fled the Syrian border town Yabroud after the Syrian government, aided by the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’a Muslim militant group Hezbollah, recaptured the region. The fighters apparently fled to the town of Arsal.

Lebanon is on the verge of a potential sectarian conflict, as recent suicide bombings have rocked the capital city of Beirut. The bombings occurred close to the Iranian embassy and in pro-Hezbollah areas.

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