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WASHINGTON — Today, the Supreme Court struck down a provision in the Voting Rights Act that has been in place for the past 48 years.

scotus at sotuReuters reports that liberals are upset and livid over the decision, which the Supreme Court said that the coverage formula for protecting minority voters needs to be updated.

The ruling went 5-4 to favor the striking down of the “preclearance provision”, which set the formula by which states needed to obtain federal government approval to change voting laws.

The majority opinion, written by Chief Justice John Roberts, said that the coverage formula put into place by Congress sorely needs updating. It was renewed in 2006, but the formula remained the same as when it was first enacted during the civil rights movement.

As Reuters reports, Justice Roberts said:

Congress did not use the record it compiled to shape a coverage formula grounded in current conditions,” he wrote. “It instead re-enacted a formula based on 40-year-old facts having no logical relationship to the present day.

Now Congress is required to write a new coverage formula to fix the problem.

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