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WASHINGTON — Spain used to be the center and heart of culture, civility and tourism. Today, due to terrible economic mismanagement and rampant government spending, the country lies in economic shambles.

spain dumpster divingWith a prolonged recession continuing to attack at hope and optimism, crime has reared its ugly head. Reuters reports that robberies involving forcible entry into properties have increased by 25% since the start of the recession in 2008.

Reuters shared a sad story of how $6,000 worth of a farmer’s oranges have been stolen from his orange orchards. He hired two Bulgarian farm hands to guard his property and oranges, but one of them was killed when he surprised the enterprising robbers.

Now, he is unable to provide security to his orchards and could lose even more of his precious crop.

These farm robbers and gangs have started illegal warehouses to sell their stolen wares, something that the police is struggling to contain.

Unemployment throughout the European Union is at 12%, but in some countries it is much higher. Youth unemployment varies country by country, but in Spain and Greece it is over 45%. Now they’ve turned to crime and punishing their fellow countrymen in this struggle to get by.

Towns and communities are forming watch groups and vigilante groups to bring these criminals to justice, but the damage has been done on the psyche of the Spanish people.

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