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WASHINGTON — North Korea continues to act up in the international arena, scrapping plans to engage in talks with South Korea.

North Korea RallyThe cause of the dispute? North Korea disputed the rank of officials who would be in charge of the delegations.

The talks, if they were held, would be the first high-level talks in the past six years. The Associated Press reports that this “is a blow to tentative hopes that the rivals were about to improve ties following years of rising hostility.”

North Korea cancelled the day before the talks were to begin because South Korea changed the head of its delegation from one ministry to another. They were upset that Kim Hyung-suk, a spokesman for the South’s Unification Ministry, was sent instead of their inter-Korean affairs agency.

North Korean nearly led to another outbreak along the border of the Korean nations because of escalating rhetoric and provocative military action. South Korea gave a strong response, which eventually got North Korea to back down.

Now, North Korean defectors are more vocal in their criticism of the Kim Jong-Un regime and detail their life stories of abuse and torture, all while the North Korean economy is suffering from a foreign currency dump.

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