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WASHINGTON — The international game of “Where in the World is Edward Snowden?”  and where he will eventually end up could take longer than expected.

putin smileReuters reports that Edward Snowden’s application request to Ecuador could take some time, which means Snowden could be in Russia for a little longer.

Snowden has caused the Obama administration a large headache, to say the least, when he revealed to the American public through leftist reporter Glenn Greenwald that the American government is conducting surveillance on Americans. He fled to Hong Kong until recently getting on a flight to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has considered granting Snowden asylum and has denied the U.S. a chance to extradite Snowden for trial. It has embarrassed the Obama administration and has led political analysts to believe that Obama’s one of the weakest presidents on record.

Now Ecuador, which is a rumored hiding spot for Snowden, said that their paperwork to process Snowden’s application for asylum could take some time, but wanted the U.S. to argue their case for Snowden’s extradition.

Ecuador is also the hiding place for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who embarrassed the U.S. government by publishing top secret documents and correspondence.

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