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Snowden finally leaves Moscow Airport, has Asylum in Russia

WASHINGTON — Edward Snowden, the infamous NSA leaker, has finally found refuge from his temporary home in a Moscow airport.

putin wink [1]Reuters reports [2] that he has a 1-year temporary asylum deal with the Russian government that has granted him refugee status.

Russian President Vladimir Putin considered giving Snowden asylum [3] and ended up doing so, even saying that this will not affect U.S.-Russian relations [4] and he is putting the U.S. before Snowden [5]. It also does not help that U.S. President Barack Obama said he does not feel he needs to talk to Russia [6] in order to get Snowden into American custody.

He is now living in Russia, which had just recently imprisoned a prominent anti-corruption [7] government watchdog Alexei Navalny.

Snowden had waited for other countries in Latin America to grant him asylum, but one by one these countries refused to act [8] and he was stuck in the Moscow airport since mid-June [9].