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WASHINGTON — Edward Snowden, the infamous NSA leaker, has finally found refuge from his temporary home in a Moscow airport.

putin winkReuters reports that he has a 1-year temporary asylum deal with the Russian government that has granted him refugee status.

Russian President Vladimir Putin considered giving Snowden asylum and ended up doing so, even saying that this will not affect U.S.-Russian relations and he is putting the U.S. before Snowden. It also does not help that U.S. President Barack Obama said he does not feel he needs to talk to Russia in order to get Snowden into American custody.

He is now living in Russia, which had just recently imprisoned a prominent anti-corruption government watchdog Alexei Navalny.

Snowden had waited for other countries in Latin America to grant him asylum, but one by one these countries refused to act and he was stuck in the Moscow airport since mid-June.

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